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We explored how children are using technology to arrive at some possibilities.

The change she advocates is to design not for efficiency, but for experience, affect and desire. As an anthropologist, she believes that technology creators must draw and learn from the rich cultural heritage of the home and the hearth.

Alternately, people like Al Ries have written about how we desire purity, and will therefore look for technologies that will do one thing, and do it extremely well. Genevieve Bell, an anthropologist at Intel, has quite accurately said people inhabit homes, technology powers houses.

It is that sensitivity that creators of domestic technologies need to keep in mind.

The soft base forms a stable, comfortable ‘interface’ with the body.

Thanks to the magnetic metal contacts integrated into the tray, cups and plates do not slide about.

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Philips’s Home of the Near Future is based on the belief that ‘the Home of the Future will look more like the home of the past than the home of today’.