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In the clip, the Roloff patriarch cannot contain his excitement about becoming a grandfather two times over in just a few months.

fans hope that the Roloff family can work together, despite the conflict.

“This is going to be crazy being dads together,” Jeremy tells Zach. “Karen has been Matt’s personal assistant,” Amy says in a testimonial.

Like, not overprotective, but if someone's taking pictures of me or filming in a restaurant, he'll start taking pictures of them."He's really cool; it's not a problem to be around any of the sorts of people who are at these events.

The clip showed the Roloff family getting ready for two grandbabies.

Zach Roloff got married in 2015, and his wife, Tori, is due to have their first child in the next few months.

(Honorary shoutout to @whoopigoldberg) #Comments By Celebs A post shared by @commentsbycelebs on To add to the growing evidence, both Schumer and Mayer made ads for Bud Light.

Could a collaboration in common have led to 2017's latest rumored celebrity couple?

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But they are talking a lot and they have been flirting on Instagram.

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