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Biker dating site norfolk virginia

Paul Forehand, a recreation department employee, presented to a Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization committee last week about Norfolk's bike efforts.

“We didn’t want city funds involved in operating or securing the bike share,” Forehead told the group.

Filion says bike shares appeal to a wide audience like visitors, students, occasional riders, those who don’t have a car, or friends who want to join in on a bike ride but don’t own their own bike.“We want it to be affordable and simple to use,” Filion said.

This has stirred questions about whether the government should purchase it and what will become of the tourist attraction.Natural Bridge, 20 minutes south of Lexington, was once owned by Thomas Jefferson. This will allow crews to set barriers and begin work on the new lanes in the median.The natural stone arch, at 215 feet, is taller than Niagara Falls. Getting Around is a weekly Sunday column highlighting local and national transportation trends, interesting bits about projects and other quick hits.The epoxy adhering the poles to the ground was so powerful, it tore up asphalt, officials said.The city also plans to launch a new marketing campaign for bike awareness and safety, likely in April or May.

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The Bicycling and Pedestrian Trails Commission had an interesting discussion about how they didn’t want the campaign to seem adversarial to drivers.