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Stećci have been nominated to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2014.

Among hundreds of necropoles these two can be pointed out because of the number of tombstones, many of which are amazingly artistically decorated with relief performances and important inscriptions.

It was an important Roman town and the centre of mining in the province of Dalmatia and Panonia.

This important tribe lived in today’s Herzegovina between 300 BC and 50 BC.

Since it was an area rich in lead and zinc it was possible to develop many iron mines around the city, That’s why the entire area was called Argentaria.

Domavia was created and developed as mining town, it was adapted for mines but the content of the town was complete.

However, most archaeology remains are dating back to middle age when Jajce was an important strategic towwn.

In written documents it was first mentioned in 1396.

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Both located in municipality of Stolac, Radimlja and Boljuni are famous necropoles with hundreds “stećci”.