Cool things updating groupwise

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Cool things updating groupwise

Uwe -- Novell Support Connection Volunteer Sys Op Please don't send me support related e-mail unless I ask you to do so. I thought that was the fix, however I have since made changes in NWAdmin only and it doesn't replicate. Uwe -- Novell Support Connection Volunteer Sys Op Please don't send me support related e-mail unless I ask you to do so.

Okay, fresh C1 and snapins, admin threads running (although "send mail to admin" was off on MTA), using NWADMIN, unloading & reloading POA & MTA, sychronizing again got 3 out of 5 users in there. Luckily the two remaining users are just part-time support staff so it isn't that big of a deal. So I don't know what combo of events I did for those others to work. Group Wise Clients that Cache do not update their Group Wise Address books I am running Group Wise 6.0 Sp3 POA/MTA/GWIA/WEBACCESS and clients.

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We are running 7.0.3 Any help is greatly appreciated. [email protected], try synchronizing users from Console One. Uwe -- Novell Support Connection Volunteer Sys Op Please don't send me support related e-mail unless I ask you to do so. If you mean right clicking and choosing "Sychronize," then I did that. I rebuilt the PO database last week but will do it again if you think it will help. Try a fresh Console One with fresh snapins, make sure the agents have the admin threads running.

See if changes propagate through the system (use a dummy user and a dummy distribution list).

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To help with the transition, a Support option has been added to Group Wise Check (GWCheck) to convert user databases back to the ISO encoding for your language. Start GWCheck as described in Group Wise Check in Databases in the Group Wise 7 Administration Guide. It can be partial text, but it must be the starting words (e.g., the first 27 characters of the subject) but everything that begins with the string you type will be purged and will NOT be recoverable.

To execute the purge, perform a Contents check and fix on the appropriate user database.

Available in On the Misc tab, you can use the new delallsubscriberecords support option to resolve problems with users' Notify alarms that were not resolved using the delsubscriberecords support option. 12.1.1 Default MIME Encoding Change After Group Wise 7 Support Pack 1, the Group Wise client started using UTF-8 instead of ISO for MIME encoding. In the Database Path field browse to and select the post office directory. Purges any mail message with a subject field that matches a certain string.

This causes occasional problems in some languages where Group Wise 6.5 clients are being run against Group Wise 7 post offices. The text file should contain the subject line of the message you want to purge from the user's database.

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A handful of users' information isn't showing up when viewed in the client although it is there when you look in Console One.

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