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Corinna schumacher dating

But since his older brother’s horrible skiing accident Ralf has spent much time at Michael’s bedside, especially in the early months.

Given how he followed in his brother’s footsteps to become a Formula 1 driver, the whole thing would have affected him badly.

The couple must have separated at some point in 2014, if not a little earlier. We only learned about the divorce when it was a done deal in February 2015.

German media would have been onto the couple for some time before that, but the news of their separation didn’t really register in the rest of the world.

There was an incident at the estranged couple’s home in November 2014, however, that we know about.

The police had to be called in when neighbours were worried about the screaming match taking place at the house.

In the meantime Cora has moved on happily dating a policeman.

When the police showed up both of them pressed charges of physical abuse, which were said to be pursued by the authorities.

It’s not clear what happened with those charges, but it is evident that the split was not amicable.

Mercedes GP have removed the message #Keep Fighting Michael from the new car ahead of the start of the F1 season in Australia.

Schumacher’s old team have carried the message ever since his horror ski crash which left him in a coma.

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Thoughts of going out with women were and are probably not at the front of his mind.

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