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The traditionally Gaelic-speaking areas of Scotland (the Highlands and Hebrides) are still referred to in the Gaelic language as a' Ghàidhealtachd ("the Gaeldom").

Irish monks, and the Celtic church, pioneered a wave of Irish emigration into Great Britain, and continental Europe (and they were possibly the first inhabitants of the Faroe Islands and Iceland).

Following the withdrawal of the Roman army, the Irish began increasing their footholds in Britain, with part of the north-West of the island annexed within the Irish kingdom of Dál Riata.

In time, the Irish colonies became independent, merged with the Pictish kingdom, and formed the basis of modern Scotland.

It has been argued the idea of an Irish diaspora, as distinct from the old identification of Irishness with Ireland itself, was influenced by the perceived advent of global mobility and modernity.

Irishness could now be identified with dispersed individuals and groups of Irish descent.

Roman Catholics and members of dissenting Protestant denominations suffered severe political and economic privations from Penal Laws.

There are people of Irish descent abroad (including Irish speakers) who reject inclusion in an Irish "diaspora" and who designate their identity in other ways.They may see the diasporic label as something used by the Irish government for its own purposes.The Irish, whom the Romans called Scotti (but who called themselves Gaels), had raided and settled along the West Coast of Roman Britain, and numbers were allowed to settle within the province, where the Roman Army recruited many Irish into auxiliary units that were dispatched to the German frontier.The Bridge of Tears (Droichead na n Deor in Irish) in West Donegal, Ireland.Family and friends of emigrants would accompany them as far as the bridge before saying goodbye, while the emigrants would continue on to Derry Port.

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The term Irish diaspora is open to many interpretations.