Dating p38 pistol

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Dating p38 pistol

Fritz Walther knew at once that only a design in 9mm Parabellum would be successful.He also decided that the design and construction of the new pistol would have to improve upon the negative factors of the P08 Luger.The blowback design was the key, and was much cheaper to produce than any locking systems.The first unlocked military pistol was known as the Walther MP (militarpisole).

The first design in this series of pistols was the Walther PP.These started with the serial numbers 01-013000, and below is pictured an example of one of these Zero-series P38s.These were the very first military P38s, and only 13,000 were made between April 1939 and March 1940.The army initially ordered 800 pieces on April 1, 1939.Many of these pistols had mixed parts between the HP and P38 and be marked with the commercial proof. The first really genuine P38 were known as the Zero-series.

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In June, 1940 the Army issued orders to the Mauser, Obendorf to cease production of the P08 Luger, and begin to produce the P38.