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They have found that those spectra are close to, but don’t exactly match, the mineralogical composition of meteorites studied in the lab. What unique forces are affecting asteroids in space?Understanding that could help us figure out how those forces affected the formation of the earth.When freedom from self is realized, the likeness of God is reflected in our actions.The cataracts of fear and expectation are removed and we can see the world as-it-is.As I looked at him and heard, “And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. No strategy and no amount of preparation could ever get me to the finish line. Only my love for him can bear the hardships and difficulties that our relationship will bring to the surface.Only my love for him can overcome my impatience and arrogance.Asteroid Factoid 2: Asteroids range in size from pebbles up to beefy Ceres, 500 miles across.

(In comparison, Earth orbits the sun at 64,800 mph, or 103680 kph.) Brian Marsden, who runs the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory’s registry for near-Earth objects (NEOs are things flying around in space that could conceivably whack Earth someday), says asteroids are rocks, made of mostly the same kinds of things rocks here on Earth are made of: silica, carbon, iron, nickel and so on.Our bulk utility to purge Exif metadata out of digital photos has just been updated to the version 1.8.10.These are the changes: Reworked the Exif remover to remember the five most recently used folder paths for modified files.A Valentine’s Day “rendezvous” with an asteroid named for the Greek god of love? In the huge gap between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, about 220 million to 300 million miles from where you are reading this right now, are thousands of asteroids — in a feature of the solar system known, appropriately enough, as The Asteroid Belt. Asteroids have a lot to teach us about where we came from.

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They are medium-sized chunks that never joined together.