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They have also focused on body size, identifying eight major size genes in dogs, the first of which was IGF-1 (Sutter et al., Science 2007).Their research suggests that these newly identified genes interact in a non-additive fashion to determine breed size, which ranges from 2-200 pounds (Rimbault et al., Genome Res 2013).

As such, the researchers are building on the extensive genomic infrastructure we developed for the dog to identify genes associated with breed-specific differences in morphology.Puppies (different breeds)Canine Morphology: The Ostrander lab has long championed the canine system (Ostrander NEJM, 2012) for the study of complex traits by building maps (e.g.Guyon et al., PNAS 2003; Hitte et al., Nat Rev Genet 2005), organizing sequencing of the canine genome (Lindblad-Toh et al., Nature 2005), and studying population structure (Parker et al., Science 2004; Genome Res 2007), domestication (Von Holdt et al., Nature 2010), and performance (Mosher et al., PLo S Genet 2007).Additional work suggests that variant forms of MC1R and MITF are protective.Interestingly, mutations in MC1R, KIT and MITF are associated with some melanomas in humans.

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