Extreme dating jillian

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Extreme dating jillian

The problem with that is that I forget which move is coming when and I forget which leg I used the last time (so I can alternate).The DVD is pretty fast paced which is good because you definitely don't get bored but the moves are so bizarre at times that by the time I figure out how to do it she's already on to the next move.Most other Jillian Michaels workouts consists of 6-7 circuits but you do all the exercises in one circuit twice through before moving onto the next circuit.

But I find myself not liking it as much as the others.Always feel better after Jillian Michaels workouts!(PS- I complted the Insanity workous and was not impressed at all...sweat like crazy but Ripped in 30 provided same results in less time!I will keep the DVD and use it once in a while, but it's not among my Jillian's favorite ones.LOVE this workout..is why, it is longer, but the moves are a little less challenging, making it easier to sustain the longer workout!

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)After doing Insanity workouts for 6 months, I needed a change.