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Greek american online dating

A lot of these children’s parents don’t have the best relationships.

) An irresistibly handsome youth, his bittersweet role is to stir the passions and create desire, no matter how many hearts get broken in the process.But family ties are breaking down and people come to us.In Chicago, I am focusing on Greek-Americans who are single and would like to marry other Greeks, either in America or are from Greece. A lot of Greeks that have grown up here are children of immigrants, and their parents were married [through] their parents.The Athens office has existed since 2004, and all staff members are licensed psychologists and certified relationship coaches.“I was away studying, thinking about how I had always liked being with people,” Sellia said.

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Sellia Georges is a personal relationship coach…and she loves every minute of it. Lena Kastrisiou, run a modern dating agency called One Plus One.

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