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While waiting for my bagel, I glanced outside and saw something on the ring finger of her left hand and realized why the guy she was with had looked somewhat familiar, I’m fairly certain it was her (not ex) husband. The chest tightening anxiety of the experience did prompt an interesting query and I have a hunch that writing about it will be somewhat cathartic. Seeing that they’re all well aware: Katie, Amanda, Sarah, and Mrs. I met Katie through a business partnership and later verified my hunch by discovering that she was six weeks out of a six year relationship.

leaving a bad partnership a full year before others identified it as such, and the need to jump into bed with Prime Mind).This morning—getting back into the swing of things—I took Piper for breakfast on the way to the cafe. This email isn’t meant as an attack on her character or decisions and I have no interest in validating my assumptions that they worked out their differences and decided to trash their divorce papers.As I peeled off my helmet and started to walk in, I spotted a familiar face… Button Nose was having breakfast with a guy and—not in the mood to interface—I kept walking as she hadn’t yet seen me. She doesn’t owe me anything and I have no remorse about letting her go. Since moving to Los Angeles, there’ve been four women that have gotten under my skin.Button Nose for a few weeks before moving her to the (almost) friend zone.Each time I inevitably called it quits for the same reason, when I realized they weren’t emotionally available for the type of commitment I was interested in forging (with them).

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