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I used to tell her she looked like a boy scout--her legs stocky and solid-looking in the porch shadows. And on my pink knees and my chest and at my widow's peak. That's what I was thinking after I failed to make love to my wife.She asked me why I was still doing the work that college kids did on their summer vacations. I told her the story about the pigs, and when I was finished she lifted my hand to her lips and kissed my knuckles, like that was the sweetest thing she'd heard in a long time. "Let's get you cleaned up," she said and led me by the hand to the tub where she proceeded to wash me until I was absolutely pristine, scrubbing my fingernails, the insides of my thighs, my pale and water-logged feet. It was nothing like bathing her after the accident with all her floundering and tears and her rubbery mannequin legs. I was sitting in the bed of the truck--my old Ford rigged with a wheelchair lift--the beach a flat white strip across the road. Even as I brought my third cigarette in a row up for a drag, I could smell the dead fish on my fingertips. All afternoon, I sliced bait minnows for paying customers, fixed the silvery squares on half-inch hooks, removed gasping snapper and graying triggerfish, as vivid as a painter's palette when still beneath the water, and dropped them into the live well, where they flitted around in a holding pattern until the customer, who had paid handsomely for the privilege, was ready for them to die. "You can't, can you." She paused, then said, "Not the way I used to. The lace on her bustier was like scales against my chest. When I asked her why, she said, "I want to see the world sideways. "I can feel you." I blushed at her lie, pressed my face into her neck. I kept waiting for her to get angry, to tell me how useless I was and that I wasn't even good for sex anymore. Tell this fat sonofabitch to get off my legs." I didn't know what else to do. I looked at a spot in the air where a face would have been. She smelled powdery and a little stale, the way a baby smells. She'd have me roll her over to the window before I left for work, except instead of facing the ocean, she wanted her chair aimed at the wall, so the water was on her left.I CAME HOME from work one night and found my wife sitting in her wheelchair beside the bed. It was brushed smooth, lay on her shoulders coppery and fine, the ends curled. It was about this time that I started working more overnight trips. I couldn't sleep at home, and on the boat, I didn't have to sleep at all.She was wearing a midnight-blue bustier with matching garters, the lace tops of her stockings just showing above the blanket on her lap. Her fingers worked the blanket, her legs ghostly beneath it, like covered furniture. While she watched, I scattered change on the dresser, took off my tennis shoes and wet socks. "Put me on the bed." I'm accustomed to it, now, carrying her to bed, cradling her slender, indifferent legs, like sleeping children. But that night, I dropped her onto the mattress, clumsy as a drunk. To compensate for her stillness, Marilyn ran her hands along the backs of my arms, dragged her fingernails up and down my spine. I couldn't stop thinking that I was hurting her--she was so brittle and small--imagining that her hips would give out beneath us, and I'd have to rush her to the hospital, all the emergency personnel thinking how I was making love to a crippled woman. We'd drift, quietly, chumming the surface with butcher's leavings and fish entrails, calling the sharks up from deeper water. She like to fall right off" So I went forward, found Gail and made hurried love to her, her husband asleep below the deck, my wife at home with useless legs, the deepest water aswarm with hungry sharks.Now, I sniffed my hands, blew smoke across my knuckles. The air was humid enough it was like breathing through water. I started thinking what it would be like to just crank up the car and go, how it would feel to be one of those guys that you hear about who says, "Honey, I'm going out for a pack of smokes," and closes the door behind him and keeps driving until he has another life.He hangs a left in front of the house, like he does every other day, and suddenly he's in Texas with a new wife and a couple of kids and his own boat and there's boundless green water everywhere he looks.

Brandy reportedly “flew to New York City and sat in the front row at Knight’s recent New York Fashion Week show,” which we’ll presumably see on Wednesday’s finale.

"You don't have to stop." She put her hands on my backside and pushed me into her. I looked over my shoulder at her legs, splayed beside mine, her feet cocked outwards. " I rolled off of her and put my feet on the floor, the room pitching under me the way you can still feel the ocean in your legs when you've just set foot on dry land. She was trying to re-create, in some bleak and dangerous manner, the view she had when she was sideswiped.

After a while, she said, "Would it help if we turned out the light? I lit a cigarette, tapped the ashes into my tennis shoe. It'll be like the window of a car." At first, I thought this was about the accident.

I love that about you." That night she appeared on deck wearing nothing but a T-shirt. Meadowlark said, "She want to fuck you, mon." "You're crazy," I said. "I'm not crazy." Meadowlark stood and pissed off the side of the boat. No need for fences, because everyone knew that pigs couldn't swim.

I looked toward the bow, but I couldn't see her anymore. When he was finished, he turned toward me, his dick in his hand and said, "You see dis? Just strand a couple of swineherds out here, ship them food and water. The story goes that one night the swineherds woke to this preposterous racket, branches snapping, water splashing like someone was dropping boulders into it, and they found the pigs making a break for the mainland.

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