Ryan gosling is dating 2016

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It looks like we can finally put all those pesky breakup rumors to rest once and for all.

After incessant speculation that Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes had called it quits, E!

Black has been juggling a few different projects since the success of Iron Man 3, but it appears that The Nice Guys is the one that materialized the quickest.

He is still attached to write and direct Doc Savage for Sony and recently came onboard to helm the Remo Williams adaptation The Destroyer for the studio as well, and he’s also developing a Predator sequel that he intends to direct.

According to the birth certificate obtained by TMZ ...

The mother on the birth certificate is listed as Eva De La Caridad Mendez. We got this pic of Eva 2 weeks before she gave birth, and she's covering up her belly.

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling just pulled off the biggest cover-up in Hollywood baby history -- they had one 2 weeks ago, and hardly anyone even knew she was pregnant.

Of course, all the split talk wasn't a complete surprise given how it's been over three months since the lovebirds have actually been publicly photographed together.

Also, in a recent Violet Grey interview, Mendes remained mum on Gosling, despite the reporter's best efforts to get her to open up.

The 36-year-old actor is portraying astronaut Neil Armstrong in the movie and was seen filming this week in Atlanta, Ga.

Ryan was spotted acting in a scene where he was lassoing a toy horse with two young child stars there as well.

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With Russell and Ryan on board, I know we’re in for another wild ride.” Black directs from an original screenplay he wrote with Anthony Bagarozzi.

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