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In this Word Press (Word class, you will learn all the steps involved in setting up and using a Word Press website and blog for business or personal use. In this Word Press class, you will Learn ALL the steps involved in setting up and using a Word Press website and blog for business or personal use.Instructor will guide you through the entire process. Instructor will guide you through the entire process.RUSSELL PROCTOR: Day 1 I talk about healthy self-image.With girls it’s much more about body image: Hey, listen, you don’t have to be a size 2.

PROCTOR: I got made fun of a lot, very depressed, suicidal thoughts a lot.Seventy-seven percent said it improved their self-esteem, and 64 percent said it made them more aware of the dangers of alcohol and drugs.KRISTEN LOWE (Student): It changed the way I look at myself.P., an engaging 26-year-old self-described “ginger head” who could have been a stand-up comic. Healthy Visions is based on the premise that teens can learn the decision-making skills that can help them connect their actions with consequences. VALENTE: But the topics he’ll discuss with these ninth graders over the next five days are serious: what it means to be a man, the value of monogamous relationships, the danger of sexually transmitted diseases, how to avoid bad dating relationships, how to grow in self-esteem and treat others with respect. The hallmark of Healthy Visions is presenting information in an amusing, entertaining way.

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Build your own Wordpress website and blog from scratch ... In this class, you will build your online store with plugin: Woo Commerce - excelling e Commerce used by over 4.5 million users. Social media is a crucial component for any online marketing strategy.

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  1. “Acting is a passion and will continue to be one of the things I focus on; I had to take a small break thanks to a broken leg from a freak ski accident at Aparwath, in J&K, where I had taken my girlfriend to show her the existence of skiing options in India, and well, let’s just say, she saw a lot more than she wanted,” he laughs and tells us. We ask to which he quite bashfully replies, “Yes, I am involved with someone, I am spoken for, but she will remain a surprise.