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The name is a short form of the word angerlartoq, the one who has returned, or angerlartoqut, ‘the person who once again has returned’.Due to ritual name avoidance (taboos in mentioning names in traditional society), family members were weary of mentioning names of their deceased, even when babies were born and named after them, thus alternative forms of address were used such as: Angerla (short form of ‘angerlartoqut' (the one who has returned home), and Utertoq (the returned one), perhaps also Qaaqqutsiaq (the summoned one) and Taatsiaq (the fancied mention). One of the few Greenlandic surnames originating from a Greenlandic forefathers name with a Scandinavian -sen added to it. The verb angulavaa means "to soften a bird skin by chewing on it and sucking out the fat, which should be real treat.Abel Kristiansen (1900-1975) wrote a very popular song about the myth.This song resulted in the the changing of the name of the marine gastropod Aataasaq (Sea Angel) to Aataaliannguaq, due to a mix-up with another song among children (Kaatungiiaa). Meaning: possibly a babbling form of 'aasiaraatiga' - there you are again, my sweet little one.Amaalik was traditionally a name used by both genders.For females Amaalik means "the One Carrying a Child in Her Amaat (a womans coat with a large hood to carry children)". A variety of forms are used as a personal name, the most common being the abbreviation Anga, but often used in combination with a European name Anga Otto og Anga Tobias, or with suffixes: Angaaraq (little uncle), Angaanngu (North Girl.:little uncle).These designations usually are used internally in the family, but as is often the case, these designations stick to the person and evolve into personal names.Common endearment term for children meaning: 'poor little mite'. The ending -kasik also is often used in personal names, such as: Aqqalukasik (poor littlebrother to older sister), Unaakasik (poor harpoon), Aakasak (here Aakasik in Central Western Greenlandic)."Sweet Little One." An endearment term for children, which have evolved to become a personal name.

A small child tries to say "angaju" (big sister or brother) and produces the sound "aaju".

Amaalik is also a birds name for the Common Eider duck, which is white on its back (also sometimes referred to as Qaqujuk (the white one)). Kinship terms are a common occurrence as personal names in Greenland.

Girls and boys name (mostly in Northern Greenland).

Many names derive from the daily household, such as Milliaq, a piece of skin or cloth under food. The legend about Aloruttaq, an orphan without boots who, among other things, becomes a hunter after acquiring boots.

Alliaq is the name of the wise and exemplary grandmother of Qooqa in the epic and popular legend about Qooqa, which was a national epos in the 1970s and the 80s. Compare the legend about Kaassassuk (who had to borrow boots) and Kamillannguaq (the Bootless One) in Western Greenland.

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Aataaliannguaq is a well-known myth about a bachelor.